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Treatments for addiction and mental health at Clean Recovery Centers Sarasota

Clean Recovery Centers - Sarasota

Substance use disorder and mental health issues often coincide. At Clean Recovery Centers in Sarasota, Florida, we are able to address and treat both of these conditions. We are the only treatment center in the area that has an RRT-certified trauma-based therapist onsite. Our program focuses on evidence-based therapy to find the root causes of addiction for our clients. No matter the phase of treatment, we can provide mental health as a primary diagnosis. Our staff provides education and medication management as a part of our mental health program. At Clean Recovery Centers Sarasota, our team is here to treat our clients as individuals and use their strengths to build lasting recovery. 

At Clean Recovery Centers, we have a three-phase approach to addiction and mental health treatment. At our Sarasota facility, we focus on phases two and three, referred to as action and maintenance. In the action phase, the Sarasota center has mental health residential II or day/night treatment with community housing. Residential II is for those who have a primary mental health diagnosis that requires further treatment before substance use is addressed. In this program, we educate the clients about their condition and provide therapy and medication management.

Day/night treatment, also known as DNT, is a non-residential program with 30 hours of services per week and is our substance use disorder path. The focus is to teach clients skills and coping mechanisms to combat addiction. Clients are permitted to reside in our community housing but it is not a requirement at this time.

After phase two is completed, the next step is the maintenance phase or outpatient treatment. We offer two programs with minimums of 9 hours per week or 2 hours per week. Clean Recovery Centers Sarasota also has an active alumni program and encourages all to attend weekly meetings.

Addiction and mental health issues do not happen overnight, and healing takes time. At Clean Recovery Centers Sarasota, we are here to help no matter how much time our clients need. Call us today at (888) 330-2532.